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   thursday, ApRil 19th, 2018

* 100% of TIPS from all Regular Daily Menu Sales go to the local Kelowna COMMUNITY Food Bank

SMOOTHIE    $5.50 

* pineapple mango

Breakfast buns    $5

With cheese sauce & egg

* chicken cordon bleu 

* mixed veggie


Yogurt & berries    $4.75

With homemade granola


* chocolate quinoa cake w/ mocha buttercream

* chocolate banana loaf 

* gluten free peanut butter cookies w/ roasted peanuts


V=vegetarian, no meat products but may contain eggs & dairy

VF=vegan friendly, no meat or animal products

Gf=no products containing gluten used, not guaranteed celiac friendly

Soups lg $7    sm $5

* creamy turkey chowder

* veggie rice

Salad Lg $7    Sm $5


 * mixed organic greens w/ creamy cucumber dressing, dried cranberries & bell peppers

add protein of the day to your salad $ 6

Sandwiches     $9 ea.

* low & slow beef brisket w/ white wine dijon slaw  

* roasted chicken breast w/ baconaise, fresh spinach & tomato 

* custom veggie w/ choice of cheese & aioli

bread choices: hawaiian, traditional Italian sourdough  & gluten free chickpea

Gluten Free Bowl    $9 

* tangy pulled pork & corn on creamy roasted garlic smashed potatoes

Add a small soup or salad to a sandwich $ 2.50


coffee                                         12oz.   $1.75

 & assort. teas                     16oz.   $2.25

can pop                                                     $1.50

iced tea                                                     $2.75

water                                                         $2.00

chocolate milk                                   $2.75

vitamin water                                    $2.75

Juices                                                         $2.75

KOMBUCHA                                               $6.00